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Fire Retardant Structure Steel Paints

Fire proof paint for Structure Steel

Ameetuff St coat FIRE PROTECTION OF STRUCTURE / sheet STEEL WORK Ameetuff St coat FIRE PROTECTION OF Structural / sheet STEELWORK. We deal Fire proof paint for Structure Steel, Fireproof Paint for STRUCTURAL STEEL, Fire Retardant Structure Steel Coating Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

Fire proofing with In tumescent Paint is the most modern & internationally accepted method for protection of Steel Structures, vessels against the damaging effect of fire.

In the event of fire the decorative Ameetuff st coat quickly encloses the steel in reliable carbon foam which slows down the temperature rise in steel and protects the construction against premature collapse up to two hours. This coating is also water proof, and recommended even for steel sheet roof, and also for boats, ships etc



Steel loses its structural strength upon heating. As soon as the Steel temperature approaches 550°C (900° F) it loses 65% of its yield strength and may lead to its collapse. In the event of fire winning time is crucial to evacuating people and limiting the amount of structural damage. Thus it is necessary to protect Steel structures from fire. Studies in Europe and U.S.A over the last two decades have conclusively proven the fact that In tumescent Paints have definite advantages over the conventional methods of Steel Fire Proofing. The most important of all the considerations is a very high degree of corrosion resistance properties which, due to passage of time cause immense problems with Concrete/Cementations Coatings.


In the event of fire, the in tumescent coating produces a residue which is puffed by escaping gases. It produces tough insulating foam which will protect material over which it is formed. Such type of coating is called an in tumescent coating.


Ameetuff St is a smooth, thin, easy to apply coating, which replaces the traditional labour intensive cladding and encasement method. Ameetuff St is an Intumescent (it swells when heated) Ameetuff St that protects structural steel work from fire. The ability of Ameetuff St to retard the rate of heat transfer results from the chemical characteristics of its constitue Ameetuff St. At a temperature of more than 250° C. They undergo a series of reactions that create an expanded low density foam structure, with excellent heat insulating properties. This low conductivity carbon char forms a barrier between the fire and steel surface, which substantially decreases the temperature rise of the metal, effectively protecting it during the severest of fire.

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